This form is not to be used for emergency services.  The response for this form is not monitored 24x7.  If you have an emergency please call or text 911.  If you need assistance that is of a non-emergency nature please call 801-794-3970 otherwise fill this form out and someone will contact you.


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When to Call 9-1-1

Contact 9-1-1 to:

  • Save a life
  • Stop a crime
  • Report a fire

If someone has been involved in an incident and is injured, this is another reason to call 9-1-1.

If you’re in a situation where there are several people at the scene, do not assume someone else is calling 9-1-1 — call yourself. If you are calling from a cellular device, be sure to let the call taker know your location so emergency responders can get to you faster.

Tips For Calling 9-1-1

  • Contact 9-1-1 if there is a threat to loss of life or property
  • Know the address and city of your emergency
  • Know your phone number
  • Know the type of emergency
  • Stay calm and answer all of the operator’s questions

For all emergencies, dial 911.

Dial 801-794-3970 for all non-emergency police and fire requests.

Central Utah 911 administration can be reached during business hours at (801) 794-4000.

Address: 3047 N 400 W, Spanish Fork, UT 84660

All employment questions should be sent to